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MetroGistics offers a few different programs to handle any customer’s shipping request. If you're shipping a clunker or a Ferrari, we have a program tailored to fit your needs.  These programs are designed to give you choices when ordering your vehicle transportation.

- Standard Shipping:  Our standard shipping program is tailored for normal shipping on an open trailer with a normal shipping timeline of 2-7 business days depending on the number of miles in your move.  This program has our most competitive rates.  Our rate table online reflects this program, and any shipping requests outside these requirements will fall into another service category.

Auto Shipping Services

Standard Shipping Timetable

0-350 miles = 2-4 business days

351- 750 miles = 3-4 business days

751-1250 miles = 4-5 business days

1251-2000 miles = 4-6 business days

2000+ miles = 5-7 business days

* All timelines are approximate.  Due to unforeseen issues with weather, traffic and truck issues outside of our control, shipping timelines may be longer depending on each unique situation.

- Enclosed Critical:  Our critical shipping package is for those customers who wish to ship using the ultimate care and protection on an ENCLOSED truck.  Your vehicle will be protected from the elements and shipped worry-free, so please be aware that prices generally are double using an enclosed carrier.

- Time Sensitive:  Our time-sensitive program is for customers who want a vehicle delivered as soon as the Department of Transportation will allow.  Generally, we can have your vehicle picked up the next business day transport it 500 miles per day.  For example, if your vehicle move is 1000 miles, it will generally be picked up the next business day and be delivered two business days from pickup.

- Top Load Placement:  It is proven that shipping your vehicle on the top of a truck can limit the damage caused by debris on the road.  For an additional $100 fee, we will guarantee that your car will ship on the top of the transport vehicle.  It’s a small price to pay for the peace of mind of additional protection during transport.  Just ask our dispatchers when you order your transportation.

Let MetroGistics help you along the way.  Just give us a call at 877.571.6235 any time day or night, or email us at  Don't forget about our iPhone track and trace app to keep yourself in the loop with ETAs and status updates! Find it at the iTunes app store under "MetroGistics."