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Prepare Your Vehicle for Shipping

We know it can be intimidating if you have never shipped your vehicle before.  The following advice should help simplify the process and make it easier and more enjoyable for you.

Prepare Your Vehicle for Shipping

Having your vehicle in a clean state aids both you and the transport company in the thorough inspection that you and the driver will perform together.   It is very important to note any damage, whether large or small, before the carrier takes possession.  Pictures are also a great way to document the condition of your vehicle.  This simple inspection ensures that any damage incurred during transit will be spotted at destination and that repairs can be made with no hassle or expense to you, the shipper.

Remember to inspect the rest of the car as well, not just the exterior.  Your vehicle may need to be driven during transport, so everything about it should be running properly.  Make sure the battery is charged, the tires are properly inflated and so on.  Your vehicle may be placed on the top tier of the carrier with cars below, so it should be free of all fluid leaks.  You must also inform the transport company if the vehicle is inoperable for any reason.  The carrier may have the equipment necessary to move the vehicle without driving it, but they need to know that it is inoperable prior to shipping.   

Please remove any exterior equipment like bike racks, spare tire covers and non-retractable antennas from the vehicle.  There should also be no personal items inside the vehicle, trunk or glove box. This includes GPS systems, CD changers and anything that can be easily removed.  Personal items can add a significant amount of weight to the vehicle and may be lost or damaged during transport.  The shipping company's insurance will not cover damage or claims for anything but the vehicle itself.  Don't forget to disarm your car alarm system if it can't be removed altogether.   

Lastly, give the shipping company all the necessary keys to the vehicle when you turn it over into their care.

Research and proper preparation will help you rest easy and be sure that your vehicle is returned to you in the same condition you left it in. 

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