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Practice Safe Shipping!

Prace Safe Shipping!

Shipping a vehicle across town or across the country can be a scary prospect for many people.  Customers often have no idea if their transport provider is operating legally with active operating authority and adequate insurance coverage.  With a national network consisting of over 5000 individual vehicle carriers, and many dealers using a mix of these different providers, it's next to impossible for customers to fully understand the process an feel secure with the process.  

We’ve seen the worst case scenario too many times within the industry.  Perhaps a vehicle is damaged during transport.  Or worse yet, a transporter is involved in an accident and proper protocol wasn't followed, which turns a bad situation into a worse one.  Very few transport companies offer customers information regarding authority and insurance before the transport process starts, unless pressed to do so. When is the last time you asked your transport company for these critical pieces of information?

When selecting your transport provider, remember to ask these crucial questions. Ask specifically how much damage coverage the carrier has, and if they can provide proof that both their insurance coverage and operating authority are active and sufficient for the requirements of the load being shipped.  Remember that MetroGistics not only requires that every carrier has adequate cargo insurance, but we also hold an EXTRA $500,000 in coverage through our contingent cargo policy.  Shipping with us protects you all the way around!

Avoid headaches and assure yourself that your vehicle is in good hands by using a reputable shipping company like MetroGistics.  We offer both competitive prices and peace of mind that every truck is true and tested with both insurance and active operating authority.  This is just one of the many valuable services we offer when you ship your vehicle with us!

No matter who your transport company is, make sure to take the time and do your homework.  Not renewing insurance is a dangerous roll of the dice, but a chance some companies are willing to take to make ends meet.   Don’t pay the price for their gamble.

Checking these critical items before you hand over your vehicle will help you have a safe and reliable shipping experience.

Let MetroGistics help you along the way.  Just give us a call at 877.571.6235 any time day or night, or email us at  Don't forget about our iPhone track and trace app to keep yourself in the loop with ETAs and status updates! Find it at the iTunes app store under "MetroGistics."