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MetroGistics can provide service to Rental Car Companies anywhere in the United States.  Our experience, technology, and superb customer service allows us to move loads from any location, point to point throughout the US. We provide services that include on-time pickups and deliveries, fast and competitive quotes, superb customer service, nightly status reports, instant access to vehicle tracking via our iPhone app and damage free deliveries. MetroGistics provides everything you would expect from a car shipping company and more!

- Industry leading transit times on rental car moves

- Nightly reports

- Experienced dispatchers working with your freight daily

- Most competitive rates available

- Always available 24/7

MetroGistics has the quality of service and reliability that you are looking for in a vehicle shipper.  We work with customers big and small to get their vehicles transported safely and on time.  We understand how important it is to be reliable and available when it comes to getting your vehicles to your destinations on time.  MetroGistics will help you every step of the way by giving you the best price, best quality of service and on time deliveries, guaranteed!

"Hauling RAC freight is our bread and butter, ask around the industry, we’re hauling for every major RAC today and service is top of the line" said Scott Naz - Managing Partner

Let MetroGistics help you along the way.  Just give us a call at 877.571.6235 any time day or night, or email us at  Don't forget about our iPhone track and trace app to keep yourself in the loop with ETAs and status updates! Find it at the iTunes app store under "MetroGistics."